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Who am I

My name is Grzegorz.  (Gregor is should be easier to pronounce )

I am fan of Batman and good food 😉

But what matters to you is that I am professional and mobile. These words describe the two most important skills in our business. 

I`ve been working in the interior design industry for 15 years. I gained my experience working in Polish furniture companies and then in companies distributing various European brands. 

I always approach my work with commitment. Thanks to this, I have extensive experience and knowledge of the Polish market. 

I know very well European popular interior design brands in lighting, furniture and decoration. 

My job is my passion, that’s why I do it the best I can.

Mission of my company is to provide professional service for dealers and suppliers with whom I cooperate. They can always count on my support. I do not leave questions unanswered.